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Managing the Fluidity of Your Supply Chain

Field is the #1 choice for your fluid management fastener program. By allowing our team to handle all things fasteners, your team can focus on other fluid management design and manufacturing responsibilities that affect your bottom line. Through our knowledge and experience, we can develop and employ fluid management vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs that optimize the efficiency of material workflows, employ ongoing improvements, introduce cost reductions, and help you achieve an excellent return on investment (ROI).

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Fastening Solutions for Fluid Management Industry Applications

Fluid management solutions are crucial to help ensure vital industrial systems and processes function properly. The appropriate selection of fasteners with proper material compatibility is an important factor in achieving these solutions. Connectors must be chosen which are compatible with the chemical, physical, and biological environment. They should also be user-friendly and reliable. Failure to do so can lead to expensive maintenance and repairs due to leaks, corrosion, and contamination.

The industry expertise we offer at Field allows us to provide a comprehensive range of fastener solutions for fluid management industry applications, including those for flexible hoses, extruded tubing, and more.

Our Value-Added Solutions


As a supplier of OEM products for the fluid management industry, we understand what you need for your applications and can provide it on a consistent basis. We provide value-added engineering services that enable you to reduce your total cost.


Through a data-driven, VMI fluid management approach we help you achieve important cost reductions and enhanced efficiencies with your fluid management fastener requirements. One important benefit to you from this approach is the ability to maintain proper fastener stocking levels that match the conditions and requirements of your business.

Contact Us for Fluid Management Fastener Solutions

To learn how we can help you with fluid management fastener requirements, including fluid management kitting and assembly solutions, give us a call today at 815.637.9002 or leave us a message through our contact form.

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During a technical line review at a prospective customer’s facility, the Field engineering team observed a cumbersome and time consuming assembly process to a three component diaphragm. Upon further evaluation of the part, the Field team discovered that the manufacturing process to make these components was costly due to the scrap and time involved with machining the parts.

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A customer came to Field with a request for quote on a plastic spacer. Due to potential liability issues, the stability level in this two-piece tank system needed to be increased, without increasing the price per part. Field inquired about the application of the part to ensure optimal design and lowest total considerations.


Looking to improve on-time delivery, and reduce customer involvement and time needed to manage their hardware VMI program, a prospective customer elected to engage in discussions with Field. Inefficiencies with on-site scanning and replenishment, and overall organization of the program were weak. This led to parts hoarding at work stations, mixed parts, part substitution, non-valued-added parts-chasing, and costly outages of stock.


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