Tank Spacer System Redesign


A customer came to Field with a request for quote on a plastic spacer. Due to potential liability issues, the stability level in this two-piece tank system needed to be increased, without increasing the price per part. Field inquired about the application of the part to ensure optimal design and lowest total considerations.

The current design was a solid design with a 20% max regrind of reclaimed thermoplastic material.


Field came back with a series of recommendations to realize the maximum cost savings potential of the spacer and meet the improved stabilization requirement:
1) Adjust the max regrind specification to 50%
2) Design two open cavities into the spacer, which would require 62% less raw material
3) And, based on the material’s performance, manufacturing process, and total cost, it was determined that a nylon spacer would be the ideal solution


The recommended Field solution was quicker to make and required less material, while also increasing the stability of the system.  Ultimately, the customer was able to reduce lead time and achieved significant savings based on a buy quantity of 56,000 pieces:

  • Original Product Design to Customer: $20,552
  • Less the Field Redesign Cost of the Product: $9,912

Total Cost Savings with Field: $10,640