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Diagnosing Your Supply Chain Challenges

With 30 years of healthcare fastening experience, Field understands the strict health and safety requirements of the medical industry. Medical equipment relies on various types of fasteners and fastener assembly services to deliver the vital services required in healthcare and life-saving situations. As a trusted source among medical fastener manufacturers, we provide an array of fastener and assembly solutions to optimize the performance of your medical equipment.

Our fastening expertise and healthcare vendor managed inventory capabilities enable us to provide you with supply chain solutions that not only drive costs down but also increase efficiency and effectiveness for your mission-critical fasteners.

Health care - Fastener Supplier
Health care - Fastener Supplier

Fastening Solutions for The Healthcare / Medical Industry

When it comes to caring for human life, the reliability of medical equipment is essential. Fastening solutions for critical devices such as MRI scanners, stethoscopes, surgical lasers, and much more must help ensure accurate and dependable performance. At Field, we provide the medical fasteners and related solutions to match the durability and performance needs of healthcare equipment.

Our Value-Added Solutions


You can depend on our value-added engineering process to deliver the medical fastening products and solutions you need in a cost-efficient manner that also reduces your total cost of ownership.


The data-driven approach we provide to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Medical Industry applications produces greater operational efficiencies and significant cost savings. It also ensures proper stocking levels are maintained in accordance with business needs.

When it comes to vendor managed inventory in healthcare, health fastener supplies, and medical assembly services, look no further than Field.

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