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Energizing Your Cost Savings Objectives

Oil derricks, drilling equipment, wind turbines, solar panels, refineries: no matter what it is, you can count on Field to provide you with the correct and appropriate materials to withstand the temperature and pressure conditions necessary for your specific application. With 30 years of experience providing fastening programs for the energy industry, we understand the fasteners you need to meet your quality, safety, and cost savings requirements. We operate a power generation vendor managed inventory (VMI) system that optimizes the efficiency of fastener availability and distribution for our energy partners.

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Fastening Solutions for Energy Industry Applications

Fasteners are used in various types of equipment in the energy sector, including pumping systems, motors, storage vessels, exhaust systems, motors, turbines, and electrical equipment. Power generation equipment is sometimes used in harsh conditions and environments which validates the need of fasteners that are reliable, durable, and resistant to high pressure, corrosion, and high heat conditions.

Choosing the wrong or non-efficient fastener for an energy industry application can result in various problematic conditions, such as leaks, energy production interruption, or equipment failure. At Field, we offer a wide array of nuts, bolts, and other fastener products in various materials, sizes, and finishes for the power industry.

Our Value-Added Capabilities


As an experienced provider of OEM fasteners for the energy industry, we understand the types of fasteners that energy sector equipment and system manufacturers require. We employ a highly effective value-added engineering, approach from design to distribution of these fasteners that keeps costs to a minimum across the board.


Through our energy industry VMI fastener systems, we can help you achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings along with consistently adequate stocking levels that match the conditions and needs of your business.

Purchase Fasteners for Power Generation Applications

To learn how we can provide you with power generation fastener and energy industry kitting and assembly solutions, call us today at 815.637.9002 or complete our contact form.

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During a technical line review of a customer’s facility, the Field team observed the components and methods of manufacturing used to assemble an engine. The following observations were made with corresponding solutions.

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The Field team initiated an engineering review of a customer’s product that revealed a problem they were having with a specific part. The machined part was subject to occasional cracking, due to the notch-sensitive nature of parts produced by the screw machining process.


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