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Global Sourcing, Local Execution


Field manages a global base of VMI programs, including central or POU stocking, in-plant store, consignment, EDI, camera, or portals. The more than 900 suppliers we do business with are the best in their industries and in the world. As a Field partner, you’ll have access to them all. These relationships allow us to continually increase our level of quality and expand our commodity expertise.

Our established preferred supplier listing consists of 91 suppliers within multiple commodity groupings. These preferred suppliers represent 62% of our purchased dollars. We strive to build strong partnerships with exchange of information, open communication, and expansion of business. We also hold our suppliers to incredibly high standards: each undergoes a rigorous quality review upon initial sign-on with Field, and each receives a quarterly scorecard rating based on quality, on-time delivery, and service.

Let Us Lower Your Total Cost of Fastening.

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