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In the automotive industry, it is vital to meet the demands of production and quality. From our customized, data-driven vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs to the fastening innovations of our engineering experts at Field, we are committed to partnering with you to maintain the flow of your production line at optimum efficiency. As a leader among automotive fastener suppliers, we have you covered for the automotive bolts and fasteners you need for your auto industry applications.

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Automotive Fastening Solutions

The innovative fastening solutions we offer for various automotive components and systems such as chassis, trim, electrical distribution systems, fluid systems, and powertrain can help manufacturers in various ways. These include greater production line efficiency, customized processes, savings in weight, space, and cost, improved passenger comfort, lower emissions, reduced rattle, shake, and buzzing sounds.

Whether you need automotive fasteners or kitting and assembly solutions, look no further than our team at Field.

Our Value-Added Solutions


Serving the automotive industry as an OEM of fastener products for automotive requirements, we understand the type of products you need. We know the unique qualities of automotive fixings and fastenings that automotive manufacturers require. When it comes to automotive industry application bolts and other fasteners, we use a value-added engineering approach that minimizes costs across the board.


With our VMI automotive fastener data-driven system, not only can you achieve cost savings, but also increased efficiencies and proper stocking levels on a consistent basis based on the conditions and requirements of your business.

The Best Place to Buy Automotive Bolts and Other Fasteners

For more information about our automotive fastener supply and VMI automotive solutions we offer at Field, give us a call today at 815.637.9002 or reach us through our contact form.

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