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Observations and Solutions

During a technical line review of a customer’s facility, the Field team observed the components and methods of manufacturing used to assemble an engine. The following observations were made with corresponding solutions:

  • The Field team observed assemblers applying adhesive to several bolts during assembly
  • Takes approximately 5 seconds to apply adhesive
  • Current adhesive is not recommended for use on higher temperatures

Solution: Eliminate adhesive completely which also saves cost of time applying adhesive

Total opportunity: $219,450

  • The current practice is to apply pipe sealant to fittings during assembly
  • Takes approximately 8 seconds to apply sealant

Solution: Use pre-applied adhesive

Total opportunity: $55,550

  • The current practice is to use split lock washers on various fasteners
  • Takes approximately 2 seconds to locate and assemble wash to fastener

Solution: Eliminate split lock washers

Total opportunity: $21,450

  • The Field team observed the assembly line process for installation of a flywheel using a torque wrench.
  • Wrench needed adjustments several times and a star pattern was used for installation

Solution: Use a standard bolt pattern and a have a torque wrench available at each station with correct torque

Total Opportunity: $239,800

  • Pre-drilled and tapped holes used only on certain models.
  • When they are not used the cost of drilling and tapping are wasted

Solution: Use thread forming fasteners to form the thread when needed

Total opportunity: $41,250


The recommended Field solutions improved quality and reduced total costs by:

  • Better consistency & reliability
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Part and assembly tool consolidation
  • Part and Process Standardization
  • Improved Assembler and End-User Safety