Technical line review yields improved joint design and assembly process

The Field engineering team proposes alternative system to address short comings of current design while creating 9.5% in savings. 


During a technical line review at a prospective customer’s facility, Field noticed high volume parts with features that were driving the cost up. The thread cutting screws being used required a secondary operation to create the slot. During assembly, the thread cutting screws created debris that would get into the units and cause contamination. Also, due to the secondary process, there was a high minimum order point which increased inventory requiring a large amount of floor space.


The Field engineering team proposed utilizing a high performance thread rolling screw instead of the current thread cutting screw design. The thread rolling screw benefits include:

  • More readily available, meaning lower minimum order point
  • Improved joint performance and loosening resistance eliminated the need for a locking patch
  • Decreased contamination attributed to chips not being created
  • Optimization of inventory and increased manufacturing floor space

Testing and Validation was completed by the Field Team on both the current and proposed parts to ensure the new design met the customers’ requirements.


The proposed replacement of the thread cutting screw with a thread rolling screw led to a cost savings. The following results were observed:

  • Improved fastener manufacturing processes (elimination of secondary slotting and patch process)
  • Thread rolling fasteners reduced the production of chips which eliminated a step in the customers process
  • Decreased minimum order point which improved inventory management and decreased floor space dedicated to these parts
    Improved Joint Design- Fastening Solutions

Percent of Savings: 9.5%