The field team suggested an alternative product resulting in a piece price savings of $375,976 annually


Field received a request from a prospective customer that provides components to the automotive industry. The request was for two high volume components that are utilized to fasten several components in a passenger vehicle. The requested design was a high cost / proprietary design.

The fastener needed to be driven into plastic along with being universal across several platforms. Field proposed two alternatives for the customer to review. Field had a goal to investigate standard product that is readily available from a supply standpoint that was not proprietary.


Field provided two alternatives for the customer to review. Field provided a test plan to the customer that provided a benchmark of the current design’s performance along with the two alternative design. Field then provided all the results of the extensive test reports to the prospective customer.


After reviewing the results of Field’s testing and passing of the customer’s life cycle testing, the part was implemented. The alternative design provided savings of $375,976 annually to the customer over the previous design.

  • Original Product Annual Price: $615,396
  • Implemented Product Annual Price: $239,420

 Total Cost Savings:  $375,976

Field Services Provided

  • Application Problem Solving
  • Test Plan Development
  • Testing of Benchmark and Proposed Design
  • Engineering Review
  • Consultation
  • Reduced Piece Price
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