Brass Insert Elimination


Field’s customer was facing strong cost pressures as the only domestic manufacturer of their electronic products. Based on recommendations from Field on similar products, the large number of brass inserts and machine screws were targeted for evaluation. The current injection molded parts were designed with 32 brass inserts in thread sizes from 2-56 up to 6-32.


Field worked directly with the customer’s engineering department to re-design the injection molded components to utilize thread forming screws and eliminate the costly brass inserts. Due to the unique carbon fiber reinforced resin, extensive testing went into determining the optimum hole and fastener geometries. Through testing, Field was able to specify the proper fasteners and hole geometries to successfully utilize thread forming screws.


  • One injection molded component dropped from 19 brass inserts to 6.
  • A second component dropped from 13 brass inserts to 4.
  • Average cost for the inserts eliminated was $0.40 each.
  • At an annual product volume of 8,000 units per year, the elimination of 22 inserts resulted in a cost savings of $70,000 annually.

Total Cost Savings with Field: $70,000