Field Safety

How often do you think about safety - and in what ways? Does it get discussed monthly? Quarterly? Annually?


For Field, safety is a high priority. For us, it’s a part of our company's culture. So much so, that we created an internal Field Safety Team that spans across all of our Centers of Excellences. The mission of this team is stated as: Relentless pursuit of protecting and improving the lives of our team members.


To keep this mission intact, the Field Safety Team meets once a month to discuss varies topics such as team member safety training, inspections and audits, accident prevention, and implementing safety protocols. Beyond the safety culture, the Field Safety Team also promotes the wellness of our team.


Our commitment to safety goes beyond our team. It extends to our families, customers, suppliers, and our community. Caring about one another and watching out for one another creates a natural commitment to safety that goes beyond a list of rules and regulations. The relationships that exist among team members throughout Field make it easy to embrace a culture of safety.


We would like to acknowledge our Field Safety Team Members:

Mike Beair, John Oldham, Jon Buhmeyer, Dan Heck, Chris Childs, Heather Bilodeau, Doug Warner, Dave Gustafson, Kelsey Lancaster, Tony Ellis, Cody Driggers, Darren Dennis, Lisa Smith, Sherry Harrell, Rich Rowlett, Mitch Smith, Chuck Frey, Blanca Salazar, Grisel Gauzin, Javier Navarrete, Brandon Codina, and Tina Rittner.


Thank you for keeping the Field Team safe!


Field Fastener Work Safety