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Bolt and Industrial Supplies

As with many other types of industrial products, it is essential to select the right bolt type for a particular application. The strength of a bolt is one of the most important factors to consider. Industrial bolts are common fasteners used to keep materials together in various industries, including automotive, aircraft, commercial building, and military, to name just a few. At Field, we are your source for bolt and industrial supplies delivered through a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) system for optimum efficiency and cost savings.

Our Bolt and Industrial Supplies

When it comes to selecting a fastener, manufacturers usually know exactly what they need. However, sometimes the vast number of fastener options can make the right bolt selection more complicated. At Field, we make sure you are continually supplied with only the bolts you need and in the quantity you need them for your ongoing operations and projects. The application of our highly efficient inventory management system working in conjunction with your requirements makes it all possible.

The last thing your business or plant operation needs is unnecessary downtime simply because you are unable to source the right bolts for needed maintenance, repairs, or new construction. As your premier bolt and fastener suppler, we carry the bolts and other fasteners you need to match your requirements.

Don’t know what you need exactly? The Field Engineering Team is here to help. With our value-added engineering services, we can make sure you are using the right bolt, in the right place, and that it came to you at the right price.

Look no further than our team at Field for the nut and bolt fastening solutions you need.

Contact Us for Industrial Bolts

For more information about the wide array industrial bolts and other fastener products we offer, call us today at 815.637.9002 or send us a message through our contact form.