would you like to improve operator ergonomics and save money on your Huck pins?

Huck pin and collars offer one of the most robust ways of ensuring your joints don't come loose in service, but are you looking for an opportunity to improve operator safety while reducing your Huck spend? 


The C50L has a designed break in the pin, the broken off portion can end up on the floor causing safety issues for the operators. The noise level and jolting motion created by the pin breaking also affect operator safety.


Investigate using Huck Bobtails instead of C50L. The Bobtail doesn’t break like the C50L. This allows the collar to be able to be removed easily and the pin can be re-used again. The Bobtail is also about 5% lower in cost than the C50L.


Reducing the impact on the operator from the pin breaking can lead to a reduced cost associated with down time from a work-related injury. If re-work is required the Bobtail can be re-used after the collar is removed, resulting in less re-work time and lower fastener cost. If you’d like to discuss this option further, please contact our team and we can review your applications with you and determine if it’s possible to change your Huck pin style.

 Huck bobtail 1 Huck bobtail 2