Your Leading Industrial Distributor of Fasteners and Industrial Supplies

At Field, we are a trusted industrial fastener distributor, offering data-driven, on-demand, full-service fastener hardware and cost savings to our customers. We achieve these service goals in part through an accurate and effective evaluation of total assembly cost and a vendor managed inventory system that helps facilitate product availability, costs reductions of labor, inventory, and overhead, and the elimination of waste.

Value Added Engineering

Our team, consisting of engineers and operational specialists, has the ability to check the different facets of your business, from the conception of products, to design, to operational workflow, in order to reduce the cost of fastener solutions and improve quality.

A Data Driven Approach to VMI

At Field, we are more than a fastener distributor. We strive to be a dedicated business partner, offering a data-driven, proactive vendor managed inventory approach that delivers efficiency and cost savings to ensure fastener hardware and other accessory availability and accessibility – all at high quality and optimal cost.

Fastener Quality and Cost Efficiency

The connections we hold with over 900 suppliers around the world gives us access to a plentiful supply of “C” class fasteners or commodities needed for projects or applications. To put it another way, if your business uses a particular fastener, our team can source it at high quality and a competitive price per item. One of our prime objectives is providing you with fastener cost savings.

A Value-Driven Business

As a seasoned industrial fastener distributor, our business culture is based on valuing people – everyone from our customers, to our suppliers, to our team members, and the community we serve. In addition to our results-driven and goal-oriented way of doing business, we also place a strong focus on family. We want all with whom we interact, including our business partners and customers to enjoy working with us.

If you are looking for a fastener distributor with a strong track record of reliability and quality when it comes to fastener solutions, look no further than Field.

To learn about the fastener and industrial supplies we offer at Field, give us a call today at 815.637.9002 or reach us through our contact form.