Your Industrial Fastener Supplier Serving Various Industries

At Field, we are your on-demand, data-driven, full-service industrial fastener supplier and engineering partner, dedicated to delivering the consistent cost savings your company needs through an intelligent analysis of total assembly costs. Through our effective approach to vendor managed inventory (VMI), we help ensure product availability, remove waste from the process, and lower the costs of inventory, labor, and overhead.

Data-Driven VMI

As an industrial fastener supplier, we see ourselves as much more than a source for parts. Our team is committed to being your partner. Data-driven VMI is the method we use to enhance the efficiency of your inventory and purchasing processes.

Value-Added Engineering

Through value-added engineering, our on-demand operations specialists and engineers are able to analyze all facets of your business, from design to workflow processes, in order to bring down costs and enhance the quality of your fastening solutions.

Fastener Supply

Our team is able to source what you are able to fasten, whether it involves bolts, nuts, C Commodities, or Huck. We can do so at the highest level of quality and at a competitive price per part. As a trusted industrial fastener supplier, we supply a wide-ranging selection of fasteners to meet the needs of your ongoing operational and project requirements. You can incorporate these fasteners into a VMI program customized to help your business secure the fastener hardware and accessories it needs to keep costs to a minimum and reduce inventory.

The Field Difference

We approach our work and relationships with our clients from the big picture. Our team doesn’t simply account for the price per part. We utilize a multi-disciplinary, data-driven approach that helps reduce your costs over time. While enhancing fastener performance and structural quality, we also add value by incorporating cost-savings into your finished products.

Our team is committed to working with you to redesign your product or workflow as needed to help you reduce labor costs, eliminate waste, and produce more accurate forecasts. As an experienced industrial fastener supplier, we do so ensure present and future costs savings on your behalf.

For more information about our industrial fastener supply services, call us today at 815.637.9002 or drop us a message through our contact form.