What Is the Importance of Fasteners?

Construction projects often require machinery, both light and heavy types to complete important tasks. These big machines tend to get the most attention from the outside. However, the smallest components of a project fasteners are some of the most important. They play a crucial role in the successful function of structures and operation of equipment. Fasteners hold parts together – parts that make up the bigger items, such as columns, beams, and machine components and systems. At Field, we are your source for a data-driven, on-demand industrial fasteners and supply company offering data-driven and on-demand services for your fastener needs.

Fastener Categories

A fastener and fastening engineer may assign the use of mobile or permanent fasteners depending on the application.

Mobile Fastener – These mobile fasteners are screws, nuts, bolts, and washers and are designed to join two objects together. They can be removed when required without damaging the connection.

Permanent Fastener – Welds, certain types of screws, and rivets are categorized as permanent fasteners because they are designed to produce a permanent connection between two objects. Removing these fasteners is often not feasible, and if attempted may produce some disturbance or damage to the area of the connection.

Types of Fasteners

The various types of fasteners used in construction include:


As one of the most common types of fasteners used in construction, bolts are shaped somewhat like a nail. They have a cylindrical body and a head. They also have screw threads on the bottom portion of the body which allows connection with a nut.


Nuts have female threading that attach to the male threading on bolts. They are provided in various shapes and sizes.


Often used with nuts and bolts, washers help distribute the load at the connection.


Screws are drilled into surfaces to join pieces together. The hole for a screw is usually not preset and removing the screw repeatedly may weaken the bond of the connection.


Typically including a pan head or round head, and tail, rivets have been used in various types of structures.

The quality of fasteners used in any application is vital for keeping joints intact and functioning properly for years. It is important to obtain your fasteners from an experienced and dependable industrial fasteners and supply company.

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