Manufacturers that assemble products consisting of multiple components and/or ship those products to customers for assembly can waste a significant amount of money, time, and labor continually collecting and organizing the different fasteners required for product assembly. These wasteful activities can be eliminated through a process called kitting. At Field, we offer effective kitting and fulfillment services that allow for the efficient packaging of product parts and components.

The Kitting Process

Kitting involves the prepackaging of fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws, washers, and other parts in boxes or clear plastic bags which are labeled based on the customer specs.

Often, during order fulfillment, items are found in the warehouse management system through their unique identifying code. A warehouse employee accesses the item prior to updating the inventory and finishing the order fulfillment. This process is performed for each ordered product. Every item has an individually assigned SKU and is retrieved, packed, and delivered separately.

A professional kitting and assembly service allows for the pre-assembling of individual items into kits that are ready to ship instead of selecting and packing individual items as orders are received. When a kit is ordered or sold, the vendor managed inventory system includes all the items as part of the sale. This can result in a reduction in fulfillment expenses, while increasing revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction.

Kitting Example

Fastener kitting and packaging enables you to deliver the hardware fasteners your customers need for their applications and projects.

For example, a group of fasteners may be needed for the assembling of certain pieces of equipment on a job site. A kitting and assembly service allows for the packaging of only the required fasteners and components without the inclusion of fasteners that are outside of the application are project requirements.

Benefits of Kitting

An effective kitting strategy provides significant benefits for various industries, applications, distributors, and retailers. By boxing or bagging specific sizes and types of fasteners together which are required for a specific assembly speed up production and reduces cost, waste, and inefficiency. The result is enhanced logistics and a more efficient business model.

Some of the key benefits of kitting include:

  • Easy ordering and invoice tracking
  • Greater production efficiency
  • Less waste
  • Cost-effective just-in-time (JIT) shipping

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