Value Added Engineering – What are the Savings?

Value engineering involves design and development processes which are designed to save money while at the same time maintaining quality or the size of a project’s scope. The phases of the value added engineering include collecting information, producing alternative options, evaluating the alternatives, and choosing the best alternative. At Field, we provide value added engineering services to help enhance the operational processes of our clients.

The Value Added Engineering Process

Several factors are considered in the process of value engineering. Cost is one these factors, but there are also others, including functionality and aesthetics. Value added engineering may arrive at the conclusion that the element with the higher initial cost is preferable because of its longer-term operational cycle which will produce dividends over the long term or project lifespan.

For maximum effect, value engineering is implements early during the process of design. An outside value engineering firm can often provide highly successful results for a business seeking to achieve cost savings without sacrificing quality.

What are the Cost Savings?

An example of cost savings achieved through value added engineering services is the use of one particular structural design or element in favor of another. For instance, value added engineering may conclude that aluminum structural elements may be used instead of heavier steel elements or that a shingle roof may be used instead of a metal roof.

A successful value added engineering endeavor is possible in large part based on the individuals involved who are flexible and creative and trust others in the group to work with those attributes as well to come up with quality, cost saving solutions.

Professionals who engage in value added engineering are going into the process with the idea that the current engineering plan is too expensive to achieve the desire outcome. The efforts employed in the process involve cutting excess costs without affecting the quality, scope, or capability of the end product.

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