The Importance of Value Added Services and Manufacturing

Value added services can include a variety of services based on the industry or company involved. The goal of these services is usually to reduce costs, decrease time to market, increase productivity, and enhance responsiveness for customers. Delivering a better product while ensuring a more streamlined and efficient manufacturing process are also the goals. At Field, we are dedicated to reducing the costs and improving the quality of your fastener solutions through our value added engineering services.

Streamlining Production

The types of companies that offer value added services include specialty distributors, original component manufacturers (OCMs), value-added resellers, and specialty distributors. Third-party value added service providers are often able to offer a full range of design, manufacturing, assembly, and installation services that help companies that benefit from outsourcing various processes and skills. These services also effectively simplify the supply chain.

Full-Service Design and Engineering

Value added engineering services help teams develop and build for product manufacturability. The ease of manufacturing is an important component in the overall production of assemblies and other end products. This type of engineering also helps ensure applicable industry standards and certifications are met without sacrificing the structural or operational integrity of an assembly.


An important value added service is assembly. Automation often results in high quality assembles, including those with demanding requirements. An effective value added service provider can minimize the cost of assembly by increasing its efficiency.

Testing Assemblies

After assembly of components, testing is often the next step. In order to ensure the end user does not run into unexpected issues, testing of assemblies is performed for clients, whether they be OEMs or other entities. Various types of industries benefit from the testing process in value added engineering services because it ensures the final products are reliable and can stand the test of long term use.

Third-Party Logistics

The increased complexity of logistics in the realm of manufacturing and distribution is due to globalized sourcing and manufacturing. This has had an effect on the types of value added services customers are looking for from external logistics businesses. Customers are looking for a range of services from third-party logistics providers, including material handling, packaging, assembly, component management, consignment inventory and inventory control, and bill of materials analysis.

Value added services are often sought after in today’s highly competitive marketplace to reduce lead times and costs, while boosting output.

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