Innovative Kitting Services for an Efficient Supply Chain

Manufacturers in many industries are often in need of ways to reduce costs. The challenge is finding a way to improve the experience of the customer and reduce overhead costs simultaneously. The answer to this challenge is innovative kitting and assembly solutions that make the supply chain more efficient. At Field, we provide in-house kitting and assembly services that allow us to select and pack your parts according to your requirements. Our team handles everything from storage, to inventory management, to product kitting and assembly, to total fulfillment.

Shipping is an expensive operation, particularly between OEMs located overseas and domestic distribution hubs. However, innovative kitting solutions can provide the flexibility and benefits that lead to the required efficiency and cost reductions.

Benefits of Our Kitting Process

You can expect the following benefits from the kitting and fulfillment services we offer:

  • Faster and less expensive order fulfillment
  • Increased productivity and lower labor costs
  • More efficient packaging
  • Fewer shipping mistakes
  • Better control of inventory

Innovative Kitting Solutions for the Supply Chain

We offer innovative kitting solutions to optimize supply chain management, minimize costs, and maximize production. These can include shipping in bulk, customized packaging, postponement, managing upgrades and software updates, and material procurement.

We Have All of Your Kitting Needs Covered

After the bag is kitted, it is weighed for part assurance and quality. We have the process covered at Field with total assurance the bag will fulfill your exact instructions and requirements. If you need a kit shipped directly to the customer, we are able to brand your packaging and process the shipment without it having to go through your hands.

If you need kitting and assembly solutions, our team at Field is here to help. We are able to meet the needs of your business with customized kitting and fulfillment services. Our team understands the critical importance of having the parts you need at the right time, at the right place, and at the price that matches your budget and cash flow needs. We are confident in the flexible and efficient kitting and assembly process we employ to help you achieve these goals.

To learn more about the innovative kitting services we offer at Field, give us a call today at 815.637.9002 or leave us a message using contact form.