How to Avoid Mistakes When Using Fasteners?

Field is more than a source for industrial fasteners and supply. We provide our customers with a range of solutions, resources, and services that help to lower the cost of projects while providing your business with the specific fasteners needed for the job.

As a leading source for industrial fasteners and supply, we often find common mistakes that have resulted in our customers losing money, having to repeat work, or struggling to deal with project problems in the future. To ensure your company does not experience these issues, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Incorrect Fastener Type

Not having the correct fastener for the job is often the biggest mistake. While it may be possible to substitute in another fastener, this does not mean the replacement will have the ability to stand up to the environmental conditions and the demands of the application.

Take the time to use the right fastener for the job. If you are not sure, our team at Fields industrial fasteners and supply is here to help.

Buying Cheap Quality

Even the right type and size of fastener may not be a good option if it is a cheap quality product. These types of fasteners often corrode faster, which can lead to structural or mechanical failures in the future.


Over-tightening or over-torqueing of fasteners can lead to the head snapping off, stripping of the screw, or problems with the thread. Over-tightening does not prevent loosening. Our experts can provide you with solutions that lock in the fastener and prevent loosening in the future.

To ensure you have the right fasteners for the job, talk to our experts at 815-637-9002.