How Contractors, Distributors, and OEMs Can Boost Profit and Save Time with Kitting and Assembly Solutions

Kitting is the process of assembling together at least two related parts or sub-assemblies into a single kit, labeled as a single item in the inventory system. Kitting reduces both the price of the job and the time necessary to complete the job. This is accomplished by transferring work from a jobsite to a warehouse – a more controlled environment with less costly labor. At Field, we offer kitting and assembly solutions in-house which enable us to assemble your parts based on your requirements.

Benefit to Contractors

Contractors utilize kitting services to more efficiently track the use of expensive parts, reduce costs, and designate a serial number to a subassembly to enable better tracking in the future. Kitting allows contractors to save money and time with warehouse personnel pre-assembling kits containing the part required by technicians on the project.

One example of this is in the electrical field in which electrical contractors use individuals in training to compile panel kits of circuit breakers, including the proper wiring, sub panels, double-pole breakers, branch breakers, grounding bars, screws, and labels. The high-cost laborer, the electrician, uses the read-made kit for the job without having to perform a search for parts.

Benefit to Distributors

Industrial distributors often provide various value-added services to customers, including kitting and assembly solutions. As an example, hydraulic parts distributors may fabricate certain sub-assemblies such as compressors, pumps, hoses, and fittings for use in the oil and gas industry.

The items of sub-assemblies are often packaged together to make sure the customer can identify them for use in applications. They are often tracked by serial number in order to know what parts were used and the location at which the sub-assembly was built. Through kitting, distributors. Distributors can gain an addition stream of revenue by offering kitting services, which also improves the level of customer service they provide.

Benefit to OEMs

Original equipment manufacturers save money and time through the prefabrication and assembly of various parts for an end product. This enables just-in-time, lean manufacturing and reduces the contact operators must have with the materials.

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