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Field Fastener Announces 10 Year Strategic Plan

After many brainstorming sessions, with vision, values, and heart in mind, Field created their 2020-2030 strategic plan around one end goal. Field is a company that, at the center of their strategic plan, strives to improve lives. Not just team member lives, but the lives of our team members and their families, our customers, and the communities we operate in.  This synchronizes perfectly with the Field mission statement, To have everyone who interacts with us, LOVE us. It is simple, different, and says it all. Within this article, you will find the focus and objectives that Field will track in the next 10 years on their mission to improve lives.

When thinking about exactly how Field was going to achieve this goal, they came up with 5 areas of focus that ultimately lead to improving lives. These categories are:

  • World Class Culture
  • People & Leadership Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Customer Cost Reduction Experts
  • Profitable Growth


World Class Culture

At Field, the foundation of their success is the winning culture they display; it truly is a competitive advantage and needs to be protected and enhanced as they continue to grow. Field hires to culture fit first, and to job fit second. Hire great people, give them great training, and get out of their way! Culture is core to their acquisition strategy. The culture at each Center of Excellence (COE) should reflect the unique characteristics of that geographic area, and will align with Field’s core values, Fieldamentals and mission statement. They intend to upgrade their ability to monitor and measure the culture by benchmarking themselves with respected companies such as Amazon, Zappos, and Chick-Fil-A, and enhance it based on what they learn while fostering a culture of performance, accountability, and technical competence. Field will strive to be the preferred employer in the areas where they operate in.

People & Leadership Excellence

The people at Field are its most important asset and they want to help team members become the best version of themselves. Field strives to be a learning organization where team members and leaders grow each and every day. Field has grown at 19% per year on average since 1990 and know that the development of their people to be competent in their current role and get them ready for their future role is essential. Field wants to have a diverse workforce where perspectives vary and team members can be candid, curious and vulnerable. They will put a large emphasis on teamwork and leadership excellence that will enhance their ability to drive growth and profitability and ensure customers and suppliers LOVE working with Field.


Field wants to be the “easy button” for their customers and make their lives better. Their job is to ask great questions and be great listeners in order to solve their customers toughest challenges. The Field team needs to always challenge the status quo; this behavior will not only be welcomed but rewarded. Field aspires to be seen by their team, their customers, and the marketplace as a innovator more than a fastener distributor. They will take intelligent risks, embrace failure and learn from every mistake. Innovation & technology will be critical to Field’s future success.

Customer Cost Reduction Experts

One of the main reasons Field has been able to grow 19% per year since 1990 is their unique ability to save customers money.  Field will be the best in the world at implementing year over year savings by driving waste or inefficiency out of the design, procurement or installation process. Field wants to be the Fastener engineering department for their customers and further integrate their services to help get more savings over the goal line. Field will have the most technically competent team in their industry.

Profitable Growth

For Field, Living their mission (LOVE) is critical to sustain profitable growth, both in terms of customer retention and new customer acquisition. If you read the Fieldamentals, you’ll know what they are talking about. Field will continue to grow organically as well as through acquisitions that align culturally and will exceed $300 Million by 2030. Field will have strategically located Centers of Excellence across North America that effectively services customers within those geographies. Field will find the best source on the planet for every part supplied and will ensure all customers are profitable. Field will get “better” faster than they get “bigger”.

Improve Lives

The outputs off all these efforts is to Improve Lives – the lives of their team members, their families, their customers, and the communities in which they operate in. Whether it be in their day to day operations as Team Members, or participating in one of their many community outreach activities, Field is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in their circle of influence. Field will focus on developing the skills that will help people be successful in their life, including education, life skills, work skills, family life and anything that helps people to become the best version of themselves. Field’s goal is to allocate 10% of their operating profit to Improving Lives.

Strategic Plan- Long View