Benefits of Custom Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and assembly services is a service offered by third-party companies that involves taking individual pieces of a product and packaging them into a single grouping. At Field, we are your source for exceptional quality kitting and assembly solutions that enable us to identify and package the parts of your products based on your requirements. We take care of the entire process that manages your products, including storage, managing inventory, kitting and assembly, and fulfillment.


The process of kitting involves the collection of individual products and compiling them into a single product offering. This process often occurs in batches. The goal of kitting is to create a package ready-to-ship as soon as a customer submits an order.


The assembly process involves the organizing of individual products that make up a kit or “assembly.” When you outsource the assembly process, you are saving labor costs. Let Field handle the work leading to tighter process control while keeping costs down.

Several benefits are afforded by custom kitting and assembly solutions include:

Reduced Shipping Errors

When items are shipped as a kit with a single SKU, the chance of error in the product identification and shipping process is reduced. There is no need to label or weigh each piece individually since all of the pieces are combined into one kit. This allows for the elimination of various steps and the pre-printing of shipping labels. With fewer steps there are also fewer errors.

Efficient Use of Warehouse Space

Through Fields kitting and assembly services, you can rely on us to hold your inventory and build your assemblies. This free’s up space in your warehouse.


Outsourcing your kitting and assembly services allows for larger volumes to be produced all while handling multiple tasks in order to meet your production goals. Our team will work with you to ensure that your items are assembled in the correct manner before we ship them out.

Other Cost Savings

The cost saving provided by kitting and assembly can come in various ways. Beyond the costs of shipping, kitting and assembly solutions reduce transaction costs and number of warehouse SKUs, and result in fewer product returns.

To learn about the custom kitting and assembly services we offer at Field, call us today at 815.637.9002 or drop us a message using our contact form.