A Trusted Leader in Inventory Management & Industrial Distribution

The fastener industry uses the system of vendor managed inventory (VMI) and distribution services for managing both stocking and distribution of fastener components and parts. At Field, we offer data-driven, full-service, and on-demand fastener supply and engineering services that deliver year-to-year cost savings through a thorough evaluation of assembly costs. Through our vendor managed inventory solutions, we help ensure the availability of products, eliminate waste, and reduce the costs of overhead, and inventory.

Our operations specialists and engineers, asses the various aspects of your business from the design of product to workflow, to reducing costs, and enhancing quality.

Optimizing Inventory Management

Businesses can reap significant savings by a reduction of inventory levels. The best VMI systems use the data obtained through these systems to monitor usage, maximize availability, ensure proper inventory levels, and keep costs to a minimum. VMI was once considered an innovative and unique method of managing inventory, but now it is the standard for achieving cost efficiency and inventory control. OEMs, fastener distributors, and end users all receive benefits from these VMI solutions.

Our VMI System Process

By providing real-time communication between our global supply base and your inventory, we operate as an extended arm to your team, ensuring you have the parts you need at a competitive price on the market and at the right time. As an experienced industrial fastener distributor, through our VMI process we can track and manage various types of bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and other fasteners.

Different industries use different process. The best systems are those which are customized to the customer’s requirements. Our team considers your inventory, the number of parts in your system, and requirements for material handling, storage, and quality before designing your new VMI system. This way, we help ensure our customers have a system that is ideal for their specific needs and gets them the vendor managed inventory fasteners they need, when they need them.

Your Source for Fasteners

Through our connections with more than 900 suppliers worldwide, we offer you the benefit of having access to any “C” class fastener or commodity you need for your business. We can source what you need to fasten and obtain it for you at optimum quality and a competitive price per part.

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