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What is the structure of the training plan for new hires?

The initial week of onboarding for new hires is well-organized and encompasses meetings with various members of the Field team and different functional areas. We aim to make this experience engaging and unique from the usual "new hire orientation."

Human Resources develops a comprehensive onboarding plan, which the new hire follows over the subsequent months. The onboarding process aims to immerse the new hire in the company culture, foster relationship-building, and provide general knowledge about Field. The team leader plays a crucial role in the new hire's success by creating a detailed job training plan that often spans several months. This includes hands-on training, instructional videos, mentoring, and rotations through different functional areas. Our objective is to ensure that each new Field employee starts with a solid foundation in our culture, Core Values, and Fieldamentals. Job skills, performance expectations, and future objectives will be addressed naturally over time.