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What does the training plan look like for new hires?

The first week of new hire onboarding is fairly structured and includes introductory sessions with a variety of Field team members and functional areas. We try and keep this as interesting as possible and not like your typical “new hire orientation”.

A detailed onboarding plan is created by Human Resources, and the new hire completes items on the plan over the coming months. The goal of the new hire onboarding is focused around culture emersion, relationship-building, and general Field knowledge. The new hire’s team leader is heavily involved in ensuring success as a new hire and they have responsibility for creating a detailed job training plan that in many cases, lasts several months. This includes hands-on training, videos, mentoring, and functional area rotations. Our goal is to ensure each Field new hire is grounded in our culture, Core Values, and Fieldamentals first. Job skills, performance expectations, and future goals will naturally come later.